Friday, May 29, 2009

Hello again! This is my latest for the NDIDDS competition over at Designs in Digital. This is the first half of a complete kit: The elements will be available next week. Ok, now here's the deal...
you get 20 gorgeous papers for the low price of $2.00! What is that, a dime apiece? What??? What a great bargain, because, unlike paper scrapping, once you buy a paper, you will have it forever, to be used as many times as your little heart desires!
Doug and I celebrated our 32nd Anniversary this week, so I decided to create a kit for Romance. So, when the kids were home last weekend, I asked them to just say whatever comes to mind when they think of Romance...Sunsets, Beaches, Hearts, Rainbows, Gold...and guess what?!? They are all in this paper pack. Plus the sexy dark colors of red, black, purple and gold. Plus some glitzy glitter, frilly scrolls and more. Next week, the elements will be available, and I have some nice ones planned--some for fun and some for those more serious moments.
I know, you're wondering what kind of photos to use...let's see...prom, honeymoon, anniversary, smoochie-smoochie pics, special date photos.
Everybody does lots of children's kits, and since my children are all grown, and I have no grandchildren (yet, come-on, Bronwyn!), I decided to concentrate on an adult theme (but no smut-lol!).
I sure hope you enjoy using these papers-and that you will come back next week to see the coordinating elements!
Until then, Happy days!!

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