Friday, May 22, 2009

Another New Freebie!!

Isn't this adorable??? And it's FREE! Gotta love that price! Ok, I'm a bit of a knitter-I've made some socks and a couple of very easy sweaters, and I definitely make some great dishcloths! My hubby and I took a yarn spinning class (it is good to decompress from stress), and I have always loved sheep. Now you see how this kit came about. This is my third week entry in the NDIDDS competition at Designs In Digital, and all they gave us was a color scheme and element and paper count. The rest was up to us. I love texture, so some of my papers are made using overlays that I made from my projects, and the yarn basket is full of yarns from recent and future projects. The sheep butt is one that I made years ago--well over 20 years ago, in fact, for my business cards, and the sheep are just randomly inspired by my collection. The wool felted flower is a variation of one given to me by my friend, and the spinning wheel is one that we had commissioned by a wonderful little old man in Door County.
Ok, you say that you don't knit, crochet or spin?? hmmm, this is also great for baby photos, caught on film cat nap photos, and petting zoo photos. There are tons of uses for this kit, so hurry those fingers along this link to snag your free Yarn Over kit now!

Next week, be sure to come back for the new assignment--a pack of 20 papers!! Then the following week will be a coordinating package of embellishments. All for the unbelieveably low price of FREE! Until then, remember, you can't always believe everything that you think!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Meegan!!! You are awesome!!
Love this one. I hope you find
a niche for this new love that
you have found and make a kuzillion
dollars doing it!!! As for me....
all I can say is: I FOUND IT!!!!!
I am so glad.
Your friend and admirer of talent