Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Another kit, another Freebie!!

Hi, everyone!
Doug and I returned from Colorado on Saturday night, and we're almost back into the groove of reality! The Rocky Mountains are spectacular! The weather was great, and we had a great time.
Doug attended a conference on Biochar, and I hung out and did some designing. The conference was all that Doug had hoped that it would be, and he learned a lot. The ideas are busting out at the seams of his brain!!

I have this new little kit that I wanted to share-it's called Sugar-n-Spice and is great for your girly-girl photos (or even photos of very confident, macho men-lol). This kit is on sale at my stores for 35% off until the end of August.

This Paper Pack, which coordinates beautifully is free for one week only at my stores.
I hope that you enjoy this little gift, and would love for you to leave some love!

To snag the kit and the freebie, click on my store blinkies on the left. :)

Monday, August 3, 2009

August already!
Here in Wisconisn, we're having beautiful spring weather. Yup, spring weather. Not enough heat for the peppers or tomatoes, or to jump in the pool. Just lovely spring weather. I don't think it has been over 80 degrees for more than a handful of days. And very little rain. The poor corn crops are all dried and spikey.
My daughter and I took a wonderful Mother/Daughter long weekend mini-vacation. We drove to Galena, IL and shopped in all of the girly shops, had pedicures and went to the Field of Dreams. It was so fun and relaxing. I love that my daughter and I are close and that we have become friends.

I have a new, fun mini kit in my stores...It is called Doodals, and I just love it. It is only $1.99, and is 35% off for the month of August. Doodals Mini Kit contains 4 textured papers, 4 painted flower doodles, 3 glitter flowers and one glitter leaf and a jewel for the flower centers. Here it is. You can snag this kit at Sum Scrapper or at
Scraps with a Mouse for only $1.29!!

Of course, I made a freebie for you from the kit :)
And here is the link for it at Sum Scrapper. I sure hope that you enjoy using it. And please leave some love.

Now, onto another subject! I'm in need of a finch therapist!
We have a goldfinch that has made it his mission to get into the house. So he constantly flies up to the window in the sunspace and bangs on it. We taped up magazine pages to deter him, (and what a lovely look that is, too), but it hasn't worked. We have a birdbath, gazing ball and bird feeder for him, but all he loves to do is bang on the window and kiss his reflection in the gazing ball.
Like I said, we need a finch therapist for him!