Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I know, it's been a while. I was so busy with the Ivy Scraps Grand Opening, that everything else fell by the wayside-lol!
Now that we have a site blog, www.ivyscraps.blogspot.com, maybe I can use this blog to ramble on a bit!
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner early at SIL's house. She always puts me to shame with her beautiful table and wonderful cooking. She has matching place-setting for 18 people! I'm lucky to have 6. I ate way too much, so much that my tummers was in agony for the 3 hour trip back home.
Isabella had her teeth cleaned yesterday. She is my toy poodle, and my sanity! She's still a little grumpy about the whole thing, but her breath is vastly improved, lol!
This week at Ivy Scraps, I have my Meditations kit on sale for $.99. Such a deal!! Also, the 12 page 4" x 6" brag book made from the November Mega Kit is in the store for 2.99. You can get it free, though, for participating in 3 Challenges at Ivy Scraps through the end of November! And, if that weren't enough, the November Mega Kit is free with any $3.00 purchase. That is huge!!
We're all working on our December Mega Kit, and it is BEAUTIFUL! You'll have the chance to buy it, sight unseen for the first 2 weeks in December for only $3.00. After that, it will go to $4.99. Believe me, it's definitely worth $9.99!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

GRAND OPENING!! It is here! We are having our Grand Opening Celebration at IvyScraps.com!
I'm so excited, and we have so many fun things happening! We had to create a special forum to hold all of the activities!

This is my new kit, called Meditations. I just love the relaxing, calm colors. What a great kit for photos of those who are past their childhood, and of romantic times, as well as Heritage Photos. For our Grand Opening Celebration, this kit, and all of the kits in my store are 50% off!! Whoo-Hoo!!!

I also have a precious 2010 Calendar Kit that contains both PNG files and Photoshop Brushes of the months, as well as beautiful Month Plates, that just happen to match my Meditations kit!

And, I have also created a set of 4 Quick Pages that are just perfect for all sorts of photos. They are in the store, but you can get them FREE if you use this coupon code at checkout:

This coupon for these gorgeous QuickPages is good from Nov. 9th
through Nov. 22nd only!

Leave some love, and head on back to the Blog Hop and add a link to your blog!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy Digital Scrapbook Day!
At Ivy Scraps, we have many of our stores on sale to celebrate DSD! And, I have a freebie QuickPage (image is linked) for you, made from the November Mega-Kit from Ivy Scraps. The
Mega-Kit was created by all of the digital designers at Ivy Scraps, and is not for sale.
Nope, not for sale. It was created for our
GRAND OPENING, which begins on November 9th and runs through November 22nd.

To get the kit, you have to go on a Scavenger Hunt. Each day, I will hide a coupon code in the forum. Find the coupon code, and use it to get part of the Mega-Kit for free. Come back each day of the grand opening, and you will have most of the kit. To get the remainder of the kit, you need to play along in a PROGRESSIVE SCRAP for the first week. In this Scrap, I will give you one or two pieces of the kit each day to use in a layout. If you participate in the Scavenger Hunt and in the Progressive Scrap, you will have "earned" the entire Mega-Kit for FREE!! And, that's not all. If you write down the Scavenger Hunt Coupon codes for each day, and PM them to me on the final day of the Grand Opening, November 22nd., I will send you a coupon for a FREE
BRAGBOOK, also made using the Mega Kit!

Don't worry, if you miss a day, you will be able to buy that day's part of the kit for .50.

We will also have Sales and Freebies for the Grand Opening. And be sure to participate in our Challenges-whether you are a digital or traditional scrapper.

We are also the exclusive carrier of Dangling Modifiers Beautiful Handcrafted Jewelry. Stop in to take a look at this high quality, unique line of jewelry. You'll love giving it as a gift, or keeping it as a treat for yourself!

Friday, November 6, 2009

My gosh! Monday starts our GRAND OPENING! We have a lot of things planned. For example, we have a beautiful autumn Mega-Kit that you can get free! To get it, you will need to participate in two activities. The first is a Progressive Scrap. On Monday, Nov. 9, I'll give away a couple of pieces of the Mega-Kit. You use them to begin a layout. Come back on Tuesday for more pieces, and use those to build upon your layout. By the end of the week, you'll have a mini-kit's worth of the Mega-Kit, and a great layout!

To get the rest of the Mega-Kit, we'll have a daily Scavenger Hunt.
Every day, From Nov 9 through the 22nd, a new mini-kit will appear in the store with a price of $.50. You can buy it, but if you go through the forum carefully, you'll find a coupon code good for one day to get the mini-kit for free! Each day there will be a new mini-kit and a new coupon hidden in the forum. If you miss a day, you can buy that day's mini-kit.
If you don't miss any days, and if you play in the Progressive Scrap, you will receive all of the pieces free!
And there's more!! On the last day, PM me (Meegan) with all of the coupon codes in order, and I will give you a coupon for a 12 page brag book with a cover, that will coordinate with the Mega-Kit.

Many of the Designers at Ivy Scraps will have their stores on sale for 35% to 50% off!
We will have a BLOG HOP with freebies.
There will be RAK's.

We have lots of fun challenges for you to participate in, and a warm, friendly forum.
We invite you to come to Ivyscraps.com and make it your new home on the web!